Our vineyards were the first to be certified by Local Food Plus (LFP).

We were the first vineyard to be certified by Local Food Plus (LFP), a Greenbelt - funded organization whose mission is to promote local produce. They put concrete definitions around what "local" is, as well as sustainable and ethical production. To be sure wine is an international product and we do export. But like most wineries in the world local consumption accounts for a significant amount of our total production.

Buying local reduces your total carbon footprint by limiting the distance your wine travels (conserving fuel), invigorates your local economy, preserves the Greenbelt and helps to establish a regional culinary style. It's as much about exploring your own culture as it is about being conscious of the environment, which is perhaps reason enough.

So when you choose to buy wine or food from abroad, please be sure that you choose those purchases well and make them the smallest part of your total diet.