Every bottle of our wine preserves one square metre of Ontario's Greenbelt in the Niagara Peninsula for another year. How? By putting the land to it's best use in sustainable agriculture.


It will seem quaint to tomorrow's adults when they look back upon this time and how we made a point of demonstrating concern for the environment. Our children will ask with curiosity, "What is environmental sustainability?" because such practices will have become an assumption, not a point of difference.

It's happening, more so every day. To get to that near future means making sustainability real. For us that has always meant making wine that people want on its own merits.

But here's some good news. If it makes you feel better to buy wine that is sustainably grown then feel good about the wines you have bought from us over these many years, even if you didn't know it. But please don't buy our wines only because they are more "eco friendly" than someone else's (or just to be patriotic for that matter). Please buy our wines because they are delicious, compared to any from anywhere, and because they make your day a little bit better for having enjoyed them. All the rest about supporting your local economy and being made in a sustainable way - that's the gravy.

For those that are interested, here's a little bit of our philosophy: Wine is fashion; it is a cultural art form that reflects the hand of man as much as the caprice of nature. Man is himself an animal (a cultural animal) and a part of nature. Though man is more temporal than nature writ large (we are very much of a place and time) wine is a renewable resource. Yes wine is as much defined by the human element as it is by the physical elements. So too our culture is an outgrowth of nature. But our culture is also an actor upon nature. We recognize that our culture is a powerful force and that we must act responsibly, just as sustainable winemaking acknowledges man's role in the world of nature, but so too the role of nature in man's culture.

Our small, if lofty, daily mission is to make Canadians proud of their great culture, specifically its wines, and secondly, to make those who don't live here feel welcome... and envious of the great things we have! We do this by always focusing on quality, authenticity of origin and family. When we nourish our culture we also act sustainably by invigorating local agriculture. This has the unspoken consequence of preserving our green and historical spaces, all the while adding richness to our Canadian story - and our supper table.

Every bottle of our wine preserves a minimum of 1 square metre of sensitive land in the Niagara Peninsula, the Niagara Escarpment and Ontario's new Greenbelt, for one year. And that's just the start. To learn more about the sustainable practices employed in the vineyards themselves then read through this website.

Paul, Matthew and Daniel Speck

Henry of Pelham Family Estate Winery