The Ontario Greenbelt is an agricultural preserve surrounding the Greater Toronto Area, one of North America's largest urban centres. It is a vital protection for our environment and our culture.

When you drink a 750 ml bottle of Henry of Pelham wine you preserve one square metre of Ontario's Greenbelt in the Niagara Peninsula for another year. How? By putting the land to it's best use in sustainable agriculture. It's true. That's all it takes. It's like renting the land but getting a delicious bottle of wine for your effort.

It actually gets better: buying a local Ontario wine also reinvigorates our local economy by a significantly higher factor than any other wine you can purchase (think of all the farmers, winemakers and equipment suppliers you employ in Ontario when you buy Niagara wines). And the forests and wetlands on our property benefit from your good taste too as they remain undeveloped and in the direct service of the environment, cleaning the air and water onsite and off.

All of our wines are VQA Niagara grown, the majority from our own estate in the Short Hills Bench. And this isn't just any land. Our estate vineyards are all located in:

1) the Ontario Greenbelt
2) The Niagara Escarpment (a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve and a unique Carolinian Climatic Zone within Canada);
3) along the Bruce Trail;
4) central to the Short Hills Bench sub-appellation; and,
5) adjacent to the Short Hills Provincial Park.

And all of this has historical significance dating back to the American Revolution.